Time to Say Goodbye

By Sarah Sims, Macaroni Kid Huron Valley Publisher January 12, 2021

Hello Macaroni Kid Huron Valley Readers,

This will be my last newsletter. I started Macaroni Kid Huron Valley almost 10 years ago. My Mac Kid journey started when my twins where 1 and a half years old. They just turned 11 in November. Time flies! It has been amazing 10 years. From attending local events, to sharing what Mac Kid was about, to the Summer Kids Expo and Trunk or Treat. I have made friends through the Mac Kid community and learned SO many new skills through running my own business. Thank you for reading the newsletter, checking in with the calendar, entering giveaways and attending my events. Your support means the world! 

It's time for a new adventure for me but I would love to pass the adventure to another local mom. 

Peace, Love & Macaroni,

Sarah Sims

If you are a parent who loves your community, are constantly looking for things to do to entertain your kids and would you love to be able to work from home, enrich your community, and get fun perks for your family, reach out to us ASAP.

Macaroni Kid Publishers develop content, publish their local newsletters and websites and keep all of the local advertising revenue and other publisher perks (free tickets to events, discounted travel, and more).  The monthly hosting fee is modest and the perks are great!

So if you, or someone you know, is looking for an opportunity, be sure to check out the Join Macaroni Kid Website to learn more and send an email to and we’ll send you some info to check out!  Please put Huron Valley Publisher in the subject line."